Let's break the silence about COVID-19 vaccine injuries and death

How to Improve Mental Health during Challenging Times

A conversation between experts in mental health and COVID-19
vaccine injured
  • Simple tools  - how to deal with trauma & stress from your environment
  • An approach to fear - how to deal with fear and become fearless  
  • Daily routines for a healthy mind - what you can do everyday for a better health  

Length: 1,5 hours


The proceeds will support the
#canwetalkaboutit campaign

Millions of people worldwide have suffered adverse reactions from the COVID-19 shots.

The denial and silence around the COVID-19 vaccine injury threatens the rights to informed consent and bodily autonomy. These numbers are growing rapidly and we are yet to witness the long term effects of these injections.

  • The US Vaccine Adverse Events Report System (VAERS) currently shows over 1.2 Million adverse events
  • The European Adverse Events Report System has recorded 1.4 Million adverse reactions

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Meet the moderators
Agnieszka Wilson
Agnieszka Wilson is a mother, social entrepreneur & humanitarian. With over 10 years of experience working for the non-profit sector as well as the United Nations on post-conflict, disarmament, human rights and gender-related issues her experience and expertise involve project management, coordination, advocacy, global training, events and communications.
After taking two shots of Pfizer, Gloria has suffered severe health issues. Some examples are: Irregular menstrual cycle, double menstrual cycles, extreme pain in ovaries, high blood pressure and heart palputations. She is now on the journey of recovering - after starting to get the right treatment.
Meet the experts
DR. Christian Buckland
Dr Christian Buckland is a psychotherapist with over 10 years of clinical experience. His qualifications include Doctor of Psychology in Psychotherapy and Counselling. He is the director of a psychological clinic working alongside a multi disciplinary team consisting of psychiatrists, psychologists and psychotherapists. Christian has a clinical interest in the assessment, treatment and management of eating disorders, and is the psychological advisor to a national eating disorder charity.
Christian works closely with the World Council for Health and is a member of their Mind Health Committee. Christian also has a specialist interest in the psychological implications of vaccine injury and provides psychological input and support to UKCVFamily.
Dr. Kat Lindley
Dr. Kat Lindley is a board-certified family physician with a direct primary care practice in Texas. Her passion has always been helping people. Later in her career, she became interested in helping find solutions in improving the overall healthcare system as she has seen with her own eyes that some things were broken, and many patients were lost. In her own words “As we stand at the precipice of health disaster generated by the system, in the middle of all this is a real human being. As a physician, I find myself realizing more and more that the system is broken and to save it from full blown implosion, we need to rethink the way we see medicine.”

Meet the vaccine injured
Hi there. I’m Jenny Porter, a single mom in outside sales in Orange County, California. I got 1 shot of Pfizer (batch FA6780) August 24, 2021 because I was afraid I would not be able to continue to move about and earn a living. Within 2 days I was horrifically I’ll with COVID and completely incapacitated from a severe reaction to the vaccine. My symptoms include: MIS (all over inflammatory auto immune syndrome), arthritis, a reactivated sports injury, atrophy, my muscles tightened inflexible & unusable, nerve damage, sciatica, bulged discs, spine damage, several new allergies, cognitive impairment and multiple other secondary symptoms. I was physically disabled and mentally impaired from the start. I could not walk or sit up and could barely stand or move leaving me to exist flat on my back in non stop excruciating pain.
Western medicine had no cure, no interest in helping me find one and some acted like they wanted nothing to do with me. I was prescribed heavy pain meds, muscle relaxers, steroids, gabepentin and lyrica to address my symptoms; but left me to worsen for months while I looked for my own cure. I started finding naturopaths and specialists that taught me about the frontline doctors protocol to detox the poison out of me and they started working on getting me well! I exhausted my savings and sold my possessions trying to cure myself. After 9 months I was disabled, homeless and penniless. And that is when the fight for my mental health became more evident and critical than ever.
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